Artist Collective Creates Intriguing Takes On Classic Zelda Enemies

A classic video game hero can gain a lot of enemies over the course of 28 years. Link’s Blacklist, a Legend of Zelda enemy artwork collective, is celebrating those villains in its annual digital art showcase.

Link’s Blacklist, established in 2012, is a group of over 150 artists that submit original pieces to a collection of artwork specifically focused on adversaries seen throughout the Legend of Zelda franchise. The latest update features the three-headed Staldra, Majora’s Mask antagonist Skull Kid, and Ganon’s favorite underlings, the Moblins. An average of 50 pieces of art are collected each year. You can see a partial selection of the collection below.

Link’s Blacklist is part of the larger Game Art HQ, a collective of video game art across numerous game franchises. Last year, Game Art HQ contributed to the PlayStation 20th Anniversary Tribute by producing artwork based on 40 PlayStation titles released between 1995 and 2002.

You can see the existing Link’s Blacklist gallery on the Game Art HQ website. The new images for this year will be released later this month.


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