To The Moon Gets DLC…Sort Of

To The Moon is a much-acclaimed indie RPG for PC, lauded for its emotional story. Over the holiday weekend, the game got a piece of story-focused DLC – but it’s a comic, so you need to read it instead of play it.

The comic is called To The Moon, Too, and it takes place after the events of the game. According to developer Freebird Games, it follows “the Platypus (Platplat) & Paper Rabbit as they attempt to reunite with Johnny & River after they parted at the end of To the Moon.”

It costs $.99 for the Steam version (which comes with other goodies like art and music. However, if you’re just interested in the story content, you can read it for free on Freebird Games’ site.

[Source: Steam via Kotaku]


Our Take


I don’t normally go in for video game comics, but this is a nice idea. Seeing any additional support for a game so old is certainly strange, but it also shows a great appreciation for the fans and the connections they forged with the story and characters in To The Moon.



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