Jenga Can Be Played Using Just Cause 3’s Crazy Physics

Jenga, the classic block-removing game that always ends with massive amounts of destruction, can be played in Just Cause 3, a game that specializes in blowing things up. This version of Jenga is played with giant, multi-ton cargo containers. Rico’s handy grappling hook, which can latch onto and pull items, is used effectively to pull the containers off of the tower. A helicopter brings the removed pieces to the top of the tower.

YouTube user Team Crush says that this game of Jenga took a long time to assemble, but as you’ll soon see, it works surprisingly well once he gets the hang of it. This isn’t a mod, and it can be done in any version of the game. We wouldn’t be surprised if some intrepid gamer automates it as a PC add-on, though.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

Thanks go out to Game Informer user WillHeroX for the tip!



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