Modder Recreates Opening Level Of Mirror’s Edge In Dying Light

Dying Light and Mirror’s Edge have always had a lot in common: parkour, slightly awkward combat, an interesting use of the first-person perspective. Now they’re sharing something else thanks to the efforts of modder Elimina, the opening level from Mirror’s Edge.

For those of you hoping for a sort of weird Black Mesa project with Mirror’s Edge being remade entirely in Dying Light: here’s some bad news. It sounds like Elimina doesn’t have the necessary time to create more maps, as they explain on the Steam page for the map:

I haven’t been able to work on any of my maps for a few months, and as time goes on, I am torn that I am not able to finish my maps right now, but I also don’t have the time to finish them at the moment. I will do updates sometimes, and I will at least try to expand onto them and get a more finished project. I am releasing my Mirrors Edge Prologue map and my Monteriggioni maps as pre alphas to make it so that my hours of effort put into these maps don’t just disappear because I was to busy to finish them. I’m sorry that I am releasing unfinished maps, but I just didn’t want my work to go to waste.

Still, the map is pretty impressive and worth checking out if you’ve got a PC copy of Dying Light.

[Source: Steam, via Kotaku]


Our Take


As someone who grew up downloading mods like They Hunger and Darkstar for Half-life on a dial-up connection, I’ve always been fascinated and impressed with the work of modders and am definitely going to play around with this.





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