Here’s How To Use Video Games To Pick A Winning Powerball Number

America’s Powerball Lottery looks like it will reach a record-setting 1.5 Billion dollar payout. You want to get in on that sweet cash, but don’t don’t know how to pick your numbers? Don’t let a computer do it for you, use video game numbers to help you pick your winning ticket. Sure your chance of winning is 1 in 295 million, but let’s see if we can fudge fate and get those numbers down using video games.

First Ball


Picking your first ball can be agonizing, but don’t sweat it. Try this. What’s your current Fallout level? That’s your first number. It doesn’t matter which Fallout game, either – they’re all the same.


Second Ball


Take the number of thumbs you have and multiply that by the number of times you’ve dreamed of riding Master Chief like a horse, then subtract your favorite Maverick Hunter from the game Mega Man X (Note: Your favorite Maverick from Mega Man X is Zero).


Third Ball


Play a game of Threes. What’s your final score? Pretty good. You’re better than I am. The first two digits of that number are the ones you want to use here.


Fourth Ball


This one’s a gimme. It’s a little known secret that you don’t actually need to pick a number for the forth slot. You can write whatever you want here and it won’t make a difference. I usually write Mickey Mouse and the guy behind the counter at the gas station usually nods and gives me a knowing smile. Don’t be like those other suckers that pick a number here.


Fifth Ball


This one is a little complicated. First we need to take Killer 7 and multiply that by Left 4 Dead, then add Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and subtract a PSOne. That number is 57. Well 1957 just happens to be the year that Heitor Villa-Lobos’ 10th Symphony premiered in Paris. Ten! I was ten when I first played Dr. Mario. Coincidence? Not likely. There are five digits in Mario’s name, so take five and multiply that by the age you were when you first played Dr. Mario. There’s your number. (Note: If your final number is 55 then you played Dr. Mario at the wrong age.)




Here we are: the final Powerball number. Don’t worry; this one’s easy. In 1991, Namco released the game Powerball for the Genesis. That date? February 8. So our winning Powerball number is 2-8 or 28.


Go ahead and share your number below, and remember: You have to split the jackpot with us when you win!



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