Test Chamber – Learn How The Paper Mario Universe Got Jammed Into The Mario & Luigi Universe

The Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario universes share a lot in common: They’re both RPGs, both humorous, and star Nintendo’s iconic plumbers. These two franchise are now overlapping in the latest entry in the series, and we played through the game’s first 10 minutes to see exactly how that comes about.

Neither the Mario & Luigi or Paper Mario games have ever had particularly complicated stories, but we’ve been curious since the game’s announcement to discover why the two universes are colliding. If you’re worried about spoilers, know that while they do exist in the video, we only play the first 10 minutes of the game. If you are worried about us not reading every line of dialogue in a different voice – don’t worry. We do Toad’s voice and many others.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam releases January 22 on Nintendo 3DS.

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