DePaul University Seeks Fighting Game Community Members For Psychology Research

DePaul University is currently seeking members of the fighting game community to participate in a research study. Participants need only complete a 20 to 30-minute survey.

The questionnaire inquires about experiences within the community, as well as sub-groups centered on specific games. While DePaul isn’t explicit about what it’s trying to find out, PhD student and study lead Crystal Steltenpohl indicates that questions will focus on respondents’ perceptions of others in the group, sense of community, and “what makes a good/bad player.”

You must be at least 18 years old to participate, and those that qualify and complete the survey will be entered into a drawing. Five $20 Amazon gift cards will be awarded to random United States resident respondents.

DePaul is hoping to secure 2,000 survey responses. Data will be aggregated an anonymized when reported.

For more information about the study, you can read up on DePaul’s website. If you’re ready to fill out the questionnaire, you can find the survey here.


Our Take


Most of the psychology research on games that we’ve seen has been about violence. This study appears to be taking a broader view of gamers and the hobby, focusing on interpersonal relationships instead of exclusively looking at the impact of the medium on the mind. I’m eager to see what Steltenpohl and her team learn.




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