Report: Dark Souls Is Getting A Comic

It looks like the infamously masochistic game series Dark Souls is getting the comic book treatment. IGN is reporting that Titan Comics will start publishing the series in April, though it’s not clear if it will be an ongoing or limited series.

Titan Comics is known for publishing comics based on popular franchises like Doctor Who, Assassin’s Creed, and Kung Fu Panda. The comic will be written by George Mann, responsible for writing some of Titan’s Doctor Who comics, and it will be illustrated by Alan Quah. Quah has worked on comic adaptations of Orphan Black and The Vampire Diaries.

The comic will feature new stories set in the Souls universe and not serve as an adaptation of any of the games. You can check out some of the covers the first issue will have over at IGN.

Source: [IGN]


Our Take


A Dark Souls comic could definitely work with the right talent behind it. What’s next? Dark Souls movie? Dark Souls happy meals?




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