Unreal Engine 4 Ocarina Of Time Temple Is Gorgeous And Playable

Every time I see one of these “remade in Unreal Engine 4” videos pop up, I wonder if this is the one that sees the magic evaporate. At least for now, I’m still enamored with how people are polishing classic scenes with new technology.

The latest sees The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s Temple of Time recreated perfectly in Unreal Engine 4. An Italian creator known as “CryZENx” has been working to import the scene into the new engine.

The models and animations, as well as the layout of the temple will look familiar, as CryZENx attributes those directly to Nintendo. However the gameplay was coded fresh according to the creator.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

The best part of this short demo is that it’s entirely playable. you can download it here. CryZENx recommends a mouse and keyboard if you’re hoping to take it for a spin.



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