Check Out The Awesome Fan-Made Star Wars Cars In Forza 6

You can’t use the Force to knock opponents off of the road, or strap two giant engines on the front of your ride to experience extreme pod racing speeds, but if you’re willing to spend a little time shopping, you can fill the track with cars decked out in Star Wars-themed paint. A lot of it is damn impressive and shows off the artistic talents of the Forza community.

To search for Star Wars cars specifically, enter Forza 6’s “Cars” menu, and select “Find a Car.” Next, select the car manufacturer of your choosing along with a specific car. After a brief load, a gallery of paint and decal options will appear. Don’t scroll through this selection – instead look to the lower right for the search function. Use it and change the keyword 1 to “Sci-Fi.” Hit search and scroll through the options. You can also enter “Star Wars” as a description, but the game would sometimes stall on the search or bring back nothing at all, as the creator of the car.

I now want to play through the game more to earn the credits needed to add these beautiful rides to my collection. I didn’t search every vehicle type, but here are the best examples that I found:

(click each image for a larger view)

My search turned up a slew of hilarious and awesome looking cars based on other popular licenses. I’ve included those for your viewing pleasure on page two!




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