Dying Light Enhanced Edition Adds Daily Bounties, Community Challenges

Techland wants to make sure you have things to do in Dying Light’s sandbox after you complete the story. When the enhanced version of the game launches alongside The Following expansion, there will be new tasks every day.

Bounties come in three varieties: basic, dailies, and community challenges. The basic type are fairly straightforward, tasking you with cutting off a target number of zombie heads and other routine activities, like escaping night chases, you’ll accomplish while exploring.

Dailies play into the more esoteric nature of the game. The example Techland offers puts you on an Assassin’s Creed style hunt for the tallest point in the game. Climb it, jump off and survive, and celebrate your victory.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

Finally, Techland is implementing community challenges. These are designed to galvanize the community around specific tasks. Should the player base accomplish the goal, everyone will be rewarded.

The first of community challenge will begin after The Following, the enhanced edition, and an update for the base game launch on February 9. Additionally, Techland is offering players a chance to get an early look at The Following’s map.

Right now on Twitch, Techland is streaming a Twitter-powered slot car track. Every time someone tweets with “#TweetForSpeed,” the cars move. The further they go, the more of the map will be unveiled.

For more on Dying Light, check out our review of the original game.



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