The Division Beta Receives Extension


Having fun exploring post-biological attack New York and mowing down punks and other players? Well, Ubisoft’s got some good news for you then: the beta for The Division has been extended by 24 hours.


Originally set to end on February 1, the beta has been extended until February 2 at 6 a.m. PST/ 6 a.m. EST. The announcement was made on Ubisoft’s forum, with the reason for the extension given as a way to “allow everyone who has access to fully enjoy the Beta.” It’s worth noting this news closely follows Ubisoft announcing that it could no longer guarantee beta access to people who have purchased the game recently.


For our impressions and full rundown of what happens in The Division beta, you can go here.


[Source: Ubisoft Forums]




Our Take


Regardless of the pre-order snafu it’s cool, if not exactly surprising, that Ubisoft is giving more folks time with the beta.




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