Destiny’s Iron Banner Returns Next Week


In its weekly update, Bungie has revealed the rewards for next week’s Iron Banner event and more.


The Iron Banner event (from Tuesday, February 23 at 10 AM Pacific to the following Tuesday, March 1 at 1 AM Pacific) features Clash mode, and here’s what’s available (text from Bungie):


Available from Lord Saladin:

    • Rank 3: Gauntlets, PlayStation Gauntlets
    • Rank 4: Helmet, PlayStation Helmet, Sniper Rifle
    • Rank 5: Rocket Launcher

Available as post-game drops:

    • Rank 2: Gauntlets, PlayStation Gauntlets
    • Rank 3: Helmet, Sniper Rifle
    • Rank 4: Rocket Launcher

The developer also says it “might” deploy new matchmaking settings and that it’s working on assembling a Twitch studio.


Furthermore, the studio warns that on Saturday, February 20 the Daily Heroic Story mission won’t award players with legendary marks when completed. Also, those players who are looking for their Crimson Days Ghost will get it by February 23.


For full info, click the source link below.


[Source: Bungie]




Our Take


Not sure if Bungie is teasing new matchmaking settings to be cute, or if they actually don’t know if they will be ready. Kind of annoying the way it’s mentioned, IMO.




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