Find Out What Makes Destiny’s Audio Tick, Bang, And Boom


There might be a drought of major new Destiny material, but that has given the team at Bungie a chance to give us a listen behind the scenes. A new ViDoc covers the clangs, cracks, and choir sounds featuring in the popular game.


The Sounds of Destiny explains how the audio team captured and distorted sounds to give the alien races their unique feels. It also includes the actors behind some of the roles (yes, Nathan Fillion is there).


(Please visit the site to view this media)


The ViDoc does a good job of explaining how dynamic dialog works, and why mixing audio is a key piece of keeping the player connected to the action and the story. You can check out the full 15-minute video above.


For more on Destiny, check out our previous coverage, including what to expect from the series moving forward.



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