Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Developer Reunites With Producer For New Game


We already knew that Spanish developer Mercury Steam has a new project in the works, and the next stage in that game’s reveal happened today with the announcement that the studio would be working with Konami veteran David Cox.


Cox made the announcement via Twitter that he will be working with Mercury Steam on the upcoming title. 


The game hasn’t been officially unveiled, but when you go to Mercury Steam’s website, you can see a countdown that points to some new information coming in April.


When he was at Konami, Cox worked with the studio as a producer on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, its sequel, and its 3DS spin-off. As reported by Gamespot, Cox has left his previous position with the studio Fish In A Bottle in order to be the producer/consultant for Mercury Steam.




Our Take


The partnership between Cox and Mercury Steam has produced at least one proven hit in the past, so here’s hoping they can make the magic happen again with this new game. I’m looking forward to learning more about the project.   



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