Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice To Arrive Later This Year


Sega announced today at its SXSW panel that the 3DS game Sonic Boom: Fire And Ice is expected to release later this year.


The game was announced originally in 2015, but was later delayed and put off until 2016 to continue polishing the title. 2014 saw the release of two Sonic Boom games, including Wii U’s Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, and the 3DS instalment Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. Neither were terribly great by critics’ standards, with our review giving Rise of Lyric a 4.0, but Sega seems to believe in its series enough to keep it running.


Fire and Ice is arriving September 27 on Nintendo 3DS. You can view a previous preview of the game here


Our Take


Hopefully this game won’t be seeing any more delays with its target release date, and we also hope that Fire and Ice learns some of the mistakes from its predecessors, so that it can turn out to be a fun experience. 




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