Jackbox Games Announces Drawful 2 And Party Pack 3


At today’s Chicago Pop Culture Event (C2E2), Jackbox Games announced the return of the Jackbox Party Pack with its third edition, along with Drawful 2.


Drawful, a party game where players must draw nearly impossible or weird things on their phones and tablets, will see more innovative features in the sequel. Drawful 2 will have enhanced streaming, such as up to 10,000 spectators that can watch and help influence different outcomes. Censoring answers from unwanted players will be another new feature, along with more color options for drawing. Jackbox Party Pack 3 will include five new party games, though details on these will be announced later this year. The studio noted that Drawful 2 will not be included in the bundle.


Both Drawful 2 and Jackbox Party Pack 3 will be releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Amazon Fire TV, with phones or tablets to be used as controllers. Drawful 2 will be releasing soon this Spring, whereas Jackbox Party Pack 3 will arrive in the Fall. You can view Drawful 2’s announcement trailer below.


(Please visit the site to view this media)


To learn more about the Jackbox party games, be sure to check out our interview with Jackbox Games from the podcast. 


Our Take


I really enjoyed the original Jackbox Party Pack, especially with Fibbage, and Drawful is always a good time too. The guys at Jackbox Games have a unique set-up with these games, and there’s some great writing and concepts in them. I look forward to the new additions coming later this year. 




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