Grab Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault For Free On Origin


When EA released Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault for PC in late 2004, it came out alongside a glut of World War II shooters. Despite being released in an oversaturated sub-genre, Pacific Assault trumped our expectations of it being just-another-WWII-shooter. You can now grab the game for free through Origin’s “On The House” promotion.


Now seems like a good time to revisit the battlegrounds of the past for EA. After rumors circulated that the next Battlefield game will be set in World War 1, there has been fervent discussion on whether or not these types of games would fit into contemporary game design frameworks. There seems to be an appetite for returning to the historical set pieces of past wars.


You can grab Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault through EA’s digital distribution service here. This is a limited time offer, so if you’re interested in taking part in the Makin Island Raid or defending Pearl Harbor, you should claim your free game sooner rather than later. You can also claim Titanfall Deluxe Edition through EA’s PC subscription service, Origin Access. 


We originally gave Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault an 8.5. You can read an excerpt from the review by former PC Editor Adam Biessener below:


It’s no secret that I didn’t much care for the recent Medal of Honor: Rising Sun on console. Thus, when this latest PC version of the series came in, I was less than thrilled. “Yay, more clearly scripted events and linear mission objectives,” I thought to myself. Here’s the funny bit: I couldn’t have been more right about that, and yet I still had a grand time with this title. Pacific Assault, while seemingly sharing many core design elements with its console cousin, does nearly everything right – and it does it with more distinctive flavor and gut-twisting immersion than any WW II title I can think of. Call of Duty may own the gameplay front, but Medal of Honor has regained its role as the most intense wartime FPS.



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