Ubisoft Opening Studio Outside Manila, Philippines


Ubisoft has announced the formation of a new studio in Santa Rosa Laguna, Philippines, 35 kilometers from Manila’s main business center. The location will be open during the spring and employ up to 50 people by the end of 2016.


Members of Ubisoft’s Singapore studio will be headed to Santa Rosa Laguna to seed the team and help start to build The Philippines’ video game industry. Ubisoft chose the location due to its proximity to Manila and the airport, which is close enough to commute but offers a better quality of life than the city.


The studio will be located on the La Salle University campus, and will partner with the institution to foster young talent. The Philippines is Ubisoft’s third Southeast Asia location, joining Singapore and Chengdu, China.




Our Take


Ubisoft has a history of building up the industry around itself. The Singapore location, for example, has played a role in the Assassin’s Creed series since the second entry and was responsible for the naval combat in III and Black Flags.



The Southeast Asians market is responsible for $1.5 billion of revenue annually with 80 million online gamers. If you’re going to open up a new studio and have your pick of bright young talent (and a ready market), growing in that area of the world makes sense.



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