Ambitious Mod That Expands The Cities Of Skyrim Took Three Years To Complete


Skyrim released five years ago, but the mod community is still going strong. One of the newest mods, Holds: The City Overhaul, adds a plethora of new updates focusing particularly on architecture and expanding many of the cities’ histories, books, character backgrounds, and outfits, along with entirely new settlements. 


Areas such as Falkreath, Winterhold, and Dawnstar have all been rebuilt with new designs, and two new settlements, Amber Guard and Black Moor, have been added in. Mod creator Galandil explains in his post on Nexus Mods that the ambitious project took him over three years to finish. He hopes to make each place feel more “realistic and natural.” He wrote, “The aim of all of this is to create a more memorable and diverse experience, making the cities actually feel like cities hopefully without ruining the natural and realistic design of the vanilla game.”


The new books added to the game were written by creator Galandil and fellow modder Alfredasl, and these texts can be found in book stores in surrounding areas such as Falkreath, Solitude, and Windhelm.


(Please visit the site to view this media)


For the full description of the mod and its installation instructions, go here. You can read our review from 2011 on Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim here. For more mods, read up about Pokemon invading Stardew Valley and this weird deer cam mod in Grand Theft Auto V.


[Source: Nexus Mods via EuroGamer]



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