‘Obviously There Is Going To Be Another Borderlands’ Says Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford


At PAX East 2016, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford confirmed on stage during an Inside Gearbox panel, that work would begin shortly on a new Borderlands.


“It’s no secret. Obviously there is going to be another Borderlands,” said Pitchford to an enthusiastic audience. Pitchford then threw the conversation to Battleborn’s art director, Scott Kester, who revealed he would be the art director for the next Borderlands. On stage they called it Borderlands 3, but Pitchford followed up saying, “We don’t even know if we’re going to call it that.” The conversation then moved on to Gearbox writer Mikey Neumann, who revealed he would be writing the game. Neumann joked that the game may follow Scooter’s son, a character named Scooper. You can find the conversation at the one hour and 18 minute mark of this Twitch stream archive.


We asked why Gearbox decided to focus on Battleborn over a new Borderlands when we featured the hero shooter on our cover. You can find that interview here. Early last year, Gearbox also publicly said it was looking to expand its team to start work on a new Borderlands, but there were few additional details at that time.


[Source: PAX on Twitch, via NeoGAF]




Our Time


As Pitchford said on stage, it really wasn’t a secret. Gearbox has been teasing work beginning a new Borderlands for some time with job openings, but this is a much stronger confirmation than anything the studio has offered in the past. If it is just starting now though, it’s unlikely we will see the game for quite some time.





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