Play This Year’s First-Round Rookies In Madden NFL 16


The 2016 NFL Draft is underway, and whether you’re a Rams fans salivating at getting first overall pick Jared Goff or looking to crush receivers with Jalen Ramsey, you can play with these newly minted rookies in Madden NFL 16’s Ultimate Team mode.


As in previous years, you can play with this year’s first-round picks in Madden 16’s Ultimate Team mode (EA Tiburon will be posting the players’ ratings soon here) via elite and gold versions.


I wonder if developer EA Tiburon will create a special Gas Mask version for Miami’s Laremy Tunsil…


In other Madden Ultimate Team mode news, developer EA Tiburon has started a beta for a Salary Cap Ranked mode within Ultimate Team (for Xbox One and PS4). As it sounds, the mode sets up a salary cap when selecting players from your binder. Publisher EA Sports has also announced a Madden Championship tournament using Salary Cap Ranked in Madden Ultimate Team with a $50,000 prize.


Finally, if you haven’t played Madden 16, you can play the full game for free on Xbox One and PS4 (with an EA account. Also requires a Live Gold membership on Xbox One). The trial lasts until May 2 (at 11:59pm ET). You can also download the game during this time for $19.80. For more info, head here.


Here’s a look at this year’s top five first-round picks.








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