“Know Your Enemy” Trailer Teases Call Of Duty Sequel


The past few days have seen many leaks for a new Call of Duty game unofficially as of yet titled Infinite Warfare. Now, an official trailer has emerged from Activision, titled only as “Know Your Enemy” and seems to be teasing the upcoming instalment.


(Please visit the site to view this media)


The short, cryptic teaser shows a man saying “We will rip you from the history books,” and “The whole world will bear witness to this: our ascension.”


The video also appeared in Black Ops III’s Nuk3town 24/7 map, along with other hidden messages. The video was discovered by @Prestigeiskey on Twitter:


For more on rumors and information surfacing about the new Call of Duty entry, check out this poster advertising Infinite Warfare’s alleged release date with a possible Modern Warfare remaster.




Our Take


There’s been several leaks these past few days, and this trailer only makes the past rumors more plausible. While this teaser remains short and cryptic, it nonetheless highly suggests that Activision is preparing for the big reveal. 




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