Infinity Ward Expresses Its Passion For Call Of Duty In Behind The Scenes Video


With all the teasers and hints this past week surrounding the upcoming Call of Duty instalment, Infinity Ward is continuing the hype by releasing a behind-the-scenes video about the franchise.


The short video features developer interviews with narrative director Taylor Kurosaki, art director Velinda Reyes, and more. Reyes describes her favorite moment in the series being when you’re hanging for your life on an icy cliff in Modern Warfare 2.


(Please visit the site to view this media)


Further detail is given by sound designer Christopher Egert, who gives insight into how foley and sound effects are captured for Call of Duty. He said, “We’re going to the desert to record explosions, we’re going to airports to record jets. It’s almost as intense as playing the game.”


To learn more about the next Call of Duty, read up about the recent leaks, watch the trailer here, and learn how Activision is using a Facebook bot to help market the new title.



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