System Shock Remastered Launches On Kickstarter This June


Night Dive Studios’ remake of System Shock will be coming to crowd-funding website Kickstarter on June 29.


While it is titled System Shock Remastered, this is considered a reimagining of the cyberpunk cult classic from Irrational and Looking Glass. It’s not to be confused with the System Shock: Enhanced Edition that launched on GoG last year. System Shock went on to inspire other large franchises, such as Bioshock, and its garnered a large fan following. Meanwhile, developer Warren Spector is working on the new entry to series, System Shock 3.


System Shock Remastered will release on Xbox One and PC. You can check out some pre-alpha gameplay footage here.


[Source: Night Dive Studios on Facebook]




Our Take


From what I’ve seen of System Shock Remastered, it looks to be shaping up pretty well. Considering how popular the series is, Night Dive Studios has a hefty task on their shoulders, but they did considerably well with the enhanced edition.



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