Here’s How Players Fared Against Hitman’s First Elusive Target


Io Interactive has shared a statistical breakdown of Hitman’s first elusive target, and the mysterious forger escaped nearly half of the time.


According to this week’s update on the official Hitman website, 53 percent of participating players managed to successfully complete the contract, but only 9.9 percent of them attained the coveted Silent Assassin rating. While players had 48 hours to attempt the mission, the first hit was completed just 6 minutes after the contract went live, while the first Silent Assassin rating was attained after 34 minutes. Io Interactive says it will be ramping up its elusive target events to be more on par with the number of escalation contracts being offered.


Our review for the first installment of the new Hitman praised the updated mechanics and detailed environments, while roundly criticizing the new “episodic” format that requires players to wait a month or more for each new level. The escalation contracts and elusive target missions are designed to keep players invested during the lengthy waits, but do little to address some substantial problems the series currently faces.


Io Interactive’s post also revealed that it will be announcing the release date for Episode 3 next week, and that it will be playable for press at this year’s E3.


[Source: Hitman official website]




Our Take


I’m a big Hitman fan, and Agent 47’s latest outing definitely offers the most refined gameplay the series has seen yet. However, the drip-feed of new levels and missions is a huge buzzkill. So far, the additional content hasn’t changed my original recommendation that fans of the series should wait until the entire game has been released and is available as a full package.




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