Destiny’s Next Expansion May Be Called Rise Of Iron


According to a reportedly-leaked Destiny poster, Bungie’s epic online shooter’s next expansion may be called Rise of Iron. The studio is working on another expansion to bridge the gap to the next title in the franchise.


Destiny fans are eagerly awaiting more content, and a leaked art image gives us early hints about what’s in store. The Rise of Iron title could mean it’s somehow related to Bungie’s regular Iron Banner PVP events. Check out the image below.



Additionally, Kotaku reports that it has multiple sources lending credence to the image. While we try to figure this out, check out Matt Miller’s opinion on why he thinks you should come back to Destiny if you’ve taken a break.


[Source: Reddit]




Our Take


While we can’t verify the authenticity of this image, it would certainly be an impressive piece of fan art if it’s not real. “Iron” isn’t a foreign word to Destiny fans, as it’s most often connected with the recurring special Crucible Iron Banner event. Perhaps this expansion will explore some of the lore connected with Iron Banner master Lord Saladin.




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