Sony Anticipates Shipping 20 Million PS4s In Current Fiscal Year


Sony is expecting that PlayStation 4 adoption is still on the rise. The company anticipates 20 million PlayStation 4 units will be shipped during the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017.


This would be growth through the console’s third birthday, with an increase in shipments of 11.5 percent. Sony shipped 17.7 million consoles in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016. That in turn was an increase from 14.8 million during the first full year of PlayStation 4’s life.


If Sony hits that target, it would bring the PlayStation 4 user base up to 60 million, with the target of 20 million effectively growing adoption by 50 percent in the course of a single year.


[Source: Sony]




Our Take


The current generation of consoles is still on the rise, and growth in the third full year of operation tracks. The lingering question is whether the 20 million includes new hardware that has been rumored for announcement at E3 and what impact (if any) PlayStation VR will have.




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