From Overwatch To Pokkén: A Look At More Custom Amiibo Creations


The Amiibo craze may not be at its peak anymore, but that hasn’t stopped enthused, talented members of the community from creating custom versions of their favorite figures. We’ve highlighted some of these creations in the past and wanted to look at some of the recent custom Amiibos to pop up.


From Shadow Mewtwo as featured in Pokkén Tournament to a couple of Overwatch-themed Amiibos, the community has been hard at work flexing its artistic side recently. Check out the gallery below for some of our favorite recent creations.


For more of our favorite custom Amiibos from the past, you can head here, here, and here. For our wishlist of Amiibos we’d like to see (some of which have actually come true!), head here.


[Source: RedditSeeJay Lewis on Instagram, Bertolt Blumelfeld on Instagram, GandaKris on Twitter (1), (2), Atomic Walrus on Imgur, Imgur (1), (2), (3)]



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