Overwatch Fanart Shows What Our Favorite Heroes Are Up To Off Duty


Overwatch has been taking the gaming world by storm, with over 7 million players since its release under two weeks ago. We’ve already told you our favorite characters, and while we love playing as them, we wonder: what are they up to when they’re not saving the world?


Artist MonoriRogue on DeviantArt has the answer to that question. With their collection of artworks titled the Casual series, MonoriRogue gives a glimpse at how many of the female heroes (along with Junkrat gender-swapped as a girl) of Overwatch live their day-to-day life outside of bustin’ bad guys.







Sometimes justice rides on a motorcycle.






Mercy may be a healer, but she needs to recharge sometimes, too.






Tracer takes a breather from zooming around and listens to some tunes. 






During Zarya’s time off, she hits the gym to prepare for the next fight.






D.Va takes some time to chill outside of her enormous mech. Maybe she plays some video games?






The unpredictable, explosive-bearing Junkrat is gender-swapped here as a female. 






Finally, we have Mei, who is hopefully warming up after blasting enemies with her endothermic gun that freezes them in place.


Overwatch released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 24. You can check out our review here, as well as our Test Chamber


What do you think the other Overwatch characters get up to on their days off? Let us know in the comments!



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