Meet The Uncharted 4 Artist Who Made Nathan Drake So Good At Journaling


One of the highlights of Uncharted 4, is discovering the journal notes and finding places that inspire Nate’s own entries. And while it’s easy to imagine Drake as the world’s fastest sketch artist, his work is actually that of Alexandria Neonakis.


In a recent blog post, Neonakis shares that she was behind the 33 journal spreads that gradually become available in Nate’s journal throughout the game. She also wrote many of the notes scattered about that help tell the story of Henry Avery and Libertalia.


“I think the coolest part about the whole thing is my young nephew and cousin came to visit me at the studio,” she writes. “I was showing them some stuff I worked on and my cousin goes ‘so wait… is Nathan Drake’s handwriting your handwriting?’ I think my cool aunt/cousin status tripled that day hahaha.”


You can see her 10 favorite journal spreads in her post, including the one we’ve selected above.


[Source: Alexandra Neonakis]



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