State Of Decay 2 Features A Persistent, Shared World And Four-Player Co-Op


At Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference, we got a look at State of Decay 2. Developer Undead Labs has been talking about multiplayer since it released the first entry in 2013, and it’s a reality in the sequel.


The trailer depicts two groups of survivors separated by quite a distance and seemingly going about their own business. At the end of the teaser, the group surrounded by zombies is about to be overwhelmed and fires off a flare, which is seen by the other party.


We’ve learned that the flare isn’t just a vehicle for visual storytelling in the trailer – it’s a core gameplay mechanic in State of Decay 2.


“The flare you saw in the trailer is actually the matchmaking mechanic,” says Microsoft Studios general manager Shannon Loftis. “You can be playing, and if you start to become overwhelmed, you can shoot off your flare. That signals to other players that you need help.”


State of Decay 2 will be a persistent, shared world game. Players can party up in groups of up to four when it’s released in 2017.



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