Weekend Warrior – Recovering From E3


Another E3 has come and gone. A number of editors are traveling back from Los Angeles this weekend, but that won’t stop us from playing games. We are still loving Overwatch in the office, but with all the new announcements at E3, we’re also making time to go back and revisit some of our favorite series. Drop a comment below and share what you’re playing this weekend!


Kimberly Wallace (@Kstar1785) – This weekend is back to actually playing games that are out, instead of dreaming about future releases. The toughest part of E3 is waiting for all these great games. I’m on a few review assignments, so my weekend will be dedicated to those, but I’m sure I’ll get an Overwatch or NHL 16 match in here and there.


Andrew Reiner (@Andrew_Reiner) –  I’m spending the weekend with my wife and daughter, but should be able to get some game time in at night. I’m hoping to play more Overwatch and check out the new Trials game.



Leo Vader (@Leovader) – I don’t know how many times I can keep writing that I’m going to be playing Overwatch. This is my curse, this life bound to this one game. I’ll never know freedom, not truly, until we see the servers go down and I am released from my team shooter prison. All I can do is pray between matches that my torment will someday end, and I can maybe start to have a normal life again. Also, go ahead and add me on battlenet it’s leovader#1816.


Joe Juba (@Joejuba) – Every year, I feel a fresh charge of gaming enthusiasm after E3. All of the big announcements get me excited to go back and play my favorite games, or finally pick up those I’ve missed along the way. This weekend, I think I’ll dive back into the Valkyria Chronicles remaster on PS4, maybe try out some PC mods on Metal Gear Solid V, and hopefully get a real start on Hyper Light Drifter.


Mike Futter (@Futterish) – E3 is over and I’m traveling home. I’m diving deeper into Final Fantasy Explorers. And when I get back to my house, it’s time for more Doom.



Haley MacLean(@Haleyfaxer) – This weekend I plan to revisit Blood and Wine and finish it up. Also, by looking at so much new stuff for Abzu I have a sudden urge to give Journey a re-run (for the 8th time). I am beyond excited that Austin Wintory will be doing the music for this new game, I feel like everything he composes for is top notch. I’m also a huge Pixar fan so I plan on seeing Finding Dory at some point during the weekend too!


Kyle Hilliard (@KyleMHilliard) – I wasn’t in LA this year for E3, but I am still surprisingly tired from the busy week. As a result I will be relaxing with the intermittent Overwatch match and digging into the new Rhythm Heaven on 3DS. I guess I should probably beat Uncharted 4, too. On Saturday night , I’m looking forward to seeing Finding Dory, so I’ll probably try to watch Finding Nemo at some point during the day. Sunday is father’s day, so I guess I should do something on that day. Sleep, I guess?


Blake Hester (Hates Twitter, hates fun) – This weekend I plan on continuing my hangs with Gerry Rivers in The Witcher III, my game of the year.


Brian Shea (@BrianPShea) I’m getting home from E3, where I played a ton of games, so I’ll probably be doing stuff outside and around the city. That said, it would be wild to imagine a weekend these days without a few Overwatch matches. I may also continue my playthrough of Twilight Princess HD, but that is less likely.


AJ Moser (@AndMoser) –  Since one of the biggest announcements of E3 was the next God of War, I’m going to go back through the series. I just finished the first title, and the next two are on deck for the weekend. I’m not sure if I’ll touch the spin-offs or not. We shall see. Also, ready for the battle for Winterfell on Game of Thrones Sunday night.


Ben Hanson (@Yozetty) –  Rhythm Heaven, bro.




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