Hotel Figueroa Boasts Premier Downtown Location With A Screenshot Of GTA V


Grand Theft Auto V’s city of Los Santos is such a loving and realistic recreation of Los Angeles that it has apparently even fooled some of the people who live there. A hotel located downtown is unwittingly using a screenshot of the game on their website to advertise their posh location near downtown L.A.


An eagle-eyed Reddit user has discovered that Hotel Figueroa is accidentally using a picture of the Lost Santos skyline in place of an actual photograph. The quality is pretty low, but there is no denying that the image has been taken from the game.



The post has already garnered a lot of attention, and the image will likely be swapped out soon, but the Internet never forgets. What makes the situation even more funny is that Hotel Figueroa is no stranger to video games, as the building is usually decorated with art and posters around E3 every year. In 2014, the building was even adorned with three massive posters for Grand Theft Auto V.


[Source: Reddit]



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