Ken Levine And Jake Solomon Would Consider Teaming Up For A Strategy Game


You might know Ken Levine best for his work on BioShock, but Irrational Games also has superhero DNA in its history. Released in 2002, Freedom Force is a real-time strategy game with RPG elements that lets players create their own league of heroes to save the day.


Levine is working on something completely new right now, but one fan has dreams of playing a blend of Freedom Force and Firaxis’ recent XCOM games.


Both Levine and XCOM 2 lead designer responded with enthusiasm. And while this doesn’t at all mean a project like this will happen, it has our brains spinning about what such a hybridization might look and play like.


If you’re at all curious about Freedom Force and its sequel, Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich, the duo can be purchased together for $1.87 during the Steam sale. XCOM 2 is also on sale for $35.99 through July 4.




Our Take


Again, this is just friendly banter on Twitter and should not be taken as anything more. However, it’s great to see developers interacting with fans and indulging ideas for fun projects. We may never see such a mash-up, but even the glimmer of a Levine/Solomon team-up for something like this has us pretty excited.




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