Skullgirls Is Making Its Way To iPhone And Android Devices


Skullgirls, the animated fighting game from developer Lab Zero, is making its way to mobile devices later this year following a closed beta.


It’s not a direct port of the original game. Instead, it tells a complementary story with its first season serving as a prequel. It will feature dozens of characters, upgradable special moves, RPG progression, customization, team/deck building mechanics and a “Fight Assist feature that lets players take on a more turn-based, tactical role in combat.”


This version of the game is being developed by Hidden Variable Studios in partnership with Lab Zero and is planned for release on iOS and Android platforms later this year. The game will have a closed beta players will be able to sign up for soon.


For our review of the 2012 Xbox 360 release of Skullgirls, head here. You can check out the trailer for the mobile Skullgirls below.


(Please visit the site to view this media)



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