Google Play And iTunes Listings For Pokémon Go Appear Online, But Not For North America


It seems the game is still not yet available in North America, but listings for the game on Android and iOS are online.


You can find the iTunes listing for the game here. It is currently only compatible in Australia. The same goes for the Google Play listing, which you can find here. Our attempts to download the game on both devices have been thwarted by notices that the game is not currently available in our country.


Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, and developer Niantic have all been coy about when the game will be available, but these listings imply that Pokémon Go will be officially available soon. We’ve reached out to The Pokémon Company for more details and will update this story if and when we receive an update.


For our impressions of the game during beta, head here.


[Source: Google Play Store, iTunes, via Reddit, NeoGAF]




Our Take


During E3, Nintendo revealed the Pokémon Go Plus pedometer. It didn’t reveal a release date for Pokémon Go, but it did let slip that the pedometer would be available in July. Common sense says it would be silly to release Pokémon Go Plus with the game you need to use it. Knowing Pokémon Go Plus is coming this month, it’s not too surprising to see the game already available in Australia. The question though, is how long will the global roll-out take? When will be able to play the game here in North America?




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