Live-Action Mega Man Short Accompanies Futuristic Loot Crate Theme For July


Loot Crate is a monthly subscription based company that ships out boxes filled with gamer and geeky themed items that are often exclusive to the company. This month, the theme is “Futuristic.” Subscribers can expect items related to future sci-fi brands like Futurama and Rick & Morty, but while they wait for their crate to arrive they can check out a live-action Mega Man short by Loot Crate.


This isn’t the first time Loot Crate has done a Mega Man short, in November 2014 they released another to go along with their monthly theme of “Battle.” In the short, Mega Man is left on a cliffhanger ending when he encounters a surprise and truly unexpected enemy. This time around, Mega Man is going up against a fellow franchiser Proto Man, who first appeared in Mega Man 3. 


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There are still a couple weeks left for you to subscribe in time to get this month’s Loot Crate. Both the normal subscription and Loot Crate DX, which includes more premium items at a higher price, are using the futuristic theme this month. For more Loot Crate live action shorts, check out this Dead Rising 3 one from October 2014. 


Check Out These Dragon Ball Woodblock Prints


In celebration of the series’ 30th anniversary, intricate, limited-edition woodblock prints based on the first series of the Dragon Ball manga have been announced. They will be available in August.


The prints, titled “Dragon Ball Ryudama Picture Scroll,” are available for pre-order now and are limited to 200. They’re currently listed for 45,000 Yen, or $450 USD. 


The hand carved prints were created using the ukiyo-e method, a 400 year old technique originating from Japan’s Edo period, according to Hobby Stock. Check out the beautiful print in the gallery below. 



For more on Dragon Ball, make sure to check out our review of last year’s Dragon Ball Xenoverse.


Red Dead Redemption Will Be Backward Compatible On Xbox One This Week


You’ll be able to return to Red Dead Redemption’s sweeping vistas later this week. The cowboy adventure will be available on Xbox One via backward compatibility.


The functionality will go live on Friday, July 8. In February, Rockstar’s open-world game was temporarily playable via the backward compatibility service. When it goes live, the service will support the base game, the Undead Nightmare expansion, and the Game of the Year edition. 


The title currently sits at the third most requested backward compatible game, behind Call of Duty: Black Ops II and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Fans have been hopeful that Rockstar is working on a sequel, though nothing has yet been announced.


Xbox Avatar Update Includes Option For Wheelchairs


The Xbox avatar lets users create a custom appearance on their dashboard that will be visible to friends and other players as a representation of their Xbox Live activity. However, there has been no way to have the avatar character appear in a wheelchair, but it looks like the option will soon be available.


One fan reached out on Twitter last week to inquire if wheelchairs would ever be a possibility for avatar customization. After others chimed in, and considered launching a petition, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer hopped in the conversation to say a petition would be unnecessary, as wheelchairs were already being looked into. Late Monday night, Mike Ybarra, Director of Program Management for Xbox, shared an image of both male and female avatars using wheelchairs.


YouTuber Admits Participting In, Lying About Rigged CS:GO Skin Auctions


With news today that two popular YouTubers have been allegedly deceiving viewers about their ownership in a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling site, another is feeling the pressure. Lewis Stewart, known as PsiSyndicate (not to be confused with Tom Cassell also known as ProSyndicate implicated in owning a CS:GO skin gambling site), has admitted two popular videos featuring weapon skin auctions were entirely faked.


The two auctions in question were executed and filmed in conjunction with a website called Steamloto. In his video (viewable here), Stewart both speaks and uses supertitles to explain some of the details. The two rigged videos have views totaling over 1.5 million. Both are monetized.


“The idea was brought to me by Steamloto, they proposes (sic) rigging, in return for a Dragon Lore, I just fell right into it,” Stewart says via supertitle. “The total takings was $3200 in skins, Dragon Lore/Ruby, $1200 ($4000 really, $2800 of my own skins) of which I gave away. So in the end I gained nothing but views XD, and lost some skins, but it’s lying that is important here.”


Throughout the video, Stewart tries to justify his actions and explain that he actually took actions to balance out his wrongdoings. “There’s no doubt that admitting this does take some kind of balls and some kind of regret, which is why I even gave away $4,000 worth of skins,” he says. 


Stewart goes on to suggest that he isn’t as bad as others because he only lied and it was just two videos. He suggests he might give away his other high-value skin, valued at over $1,000.


We’ve contacted SteamLoto for comment. We’ll update should we receive a response.


For more on today’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin gambling news, you can read our previous story about two other YouTubers who have been outed as owning a site they promoted without proper disclosure.


[Source: PsiSyndicate on YouTube via Polygon]




Our Take


The idea that Stewart believes he deserves a pat on the back for coming clean frankly makes me ill. I don’t care if he gave away skins because he felt bad about it. That doesn’t balance the scales.



He didn’t just lie. He duped people by showing winnings that were entirely falsified. He didn’t just gain views, he earned money from those monetized videos.


“Maybe this is a wake up call for some, rigging and non disclosed sponsorships happen,” a supertitle in the video says. “Do not trust everything you see on YouTube.”


You don’t get to angelically deliver that wake-up call. You’re the villain here, not some innocent bystander telling his story in hopes of protecting others.


Director Ivan Reitman Discusses 2009 Ghostbusters Game


We never got a proper Ghostbusters 3 film, and the closest we might ever get is the 2009 video game. It brought together the original cast, familiar locations, and iconic enemies like the librarian and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.


I recently had a chance to chat with director Ivan Reitman, who brought the first two films to life. Our conversation turned towards gaming, storytelling, and the value of the 2009 game in the larger Ghostbusters story.


While the 2009 Ghostbusters game had its problems, it offered up the chance to celebrate the original cast and concepts. Using a proton pack and ghost trap was a dream come true for many, but Reitman has mixed feelings on it.


“I was very thankful for it,” Reitman says. “It wasn’t as good as I had hoped, though. I know a lot of people like it a lot. I’m not a big gamer, so I’m the wrong guy to critique it. It just didn’t seem lively enough, but I thought it was good for the same reason I helped found Ghost Corps [production company]. I think it’s a great and worthwhile story to be able to continue.”


Reitman’s Ghost Corps, which he founded with Dan Aykroyd, is responsible for the upcoming Ghostbusters film releasing this month. Additional projects, including one that may star Channing Tatum and include Captain America: The Winter Soldier directors Anthony and Joe Russo.


Despite not being a big video gamer, Reitman does have an affection for gaming. In addition to playing poker, gin, chess, and Monopoly, the famed director has a soft spot for pinball.


“Pinball, and especially the new Ghostbusters pinball, is amazing,” he says. “There’s something physical, and I just got into it. I’m more a child of the ’50s and ’60s, where pinball hit a real sweet spot. People really loved the Space Jam game, which was one of the first really hot, new-style pinball games.”


You can read more from Reitman, including his perspective on virtual reality, in our coverage of the new Madam Tussauds Ghostbusters Experience.