Reader Discussion: Are You Revisiting Street Fighter V?


Last week, Street Fighter V received its most significant content update yet. In addition to the DLC characters Ibuki (delayed from May) and Balrog (June’s character), it received improvements to its online matchmaking system. The meat of the update, however, lies in the promised story mode, which greatly expands on the events that happen between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III.


The new story mode, A Shadow Falls, is the first time in Street Fighter’s history that a cinematic story mode has been made available. The update also brings new premium DLC stages including Balrog’s Las Vegas stage, Karin’s Kanzuki Family Private Beach stage, as well alternate stage options. Players can use earned fight money or real currency to purchase those, as well as the new costume options and the four DLC characters (Alex, Guile, Ibuki, and Balrog), as the in-game currency shop is finally open.


If you were among the disappointed with what was on offer when the game launched in February, is the content released to this point enough motivation for you to give Street Fighter V another look? If you do, what are your thoughts on the content delivery method Capcom has opted for? Finally, give us your thoughts on the new story mode.


Skullgirls Is Making Its Way To iPhone And Android Devices


Skullgirls, the animated fighting game from developer Lab Zero, is making its way to mobile devices later this year following a closed beta.


It’s not a direct port of the original game. Instead, it tells a complementary story with its first season serving as a prequel. It will feature dozens of characters, upgradable special moves, RPG progression, customization, team/deck building mechanics and a “Fight Assist feature that lets players take on a more turn-based, tactical role in combat.”


This version of the game is being developed by Hidden Variable Studios in partnership with Lab Zero and is planned for release on iOS and Android platforms later this year. The game will have a closed beta players will be able to sign up for soon.


For our review of the 2012 Xbox 360 release of Skullgirls, head here. You can check out the trailer for the mobile Skullgirls below.


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Nintendo Voice Chat: We Can’t Stop Thinking About Zelda: Breath of the Wild

IGN’s Nintendo show returns and host Jose Otero, Brian Altano, and Peer Schneider just can’t stop thinking about Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But we have a much better show in mind for you. First, the crew discusses some recent releases (Rhythm Heaven Megamix, Mighty No. 9, LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens) before they dive back into more Zelda talk. After the break, Andrew Goldfarb, Kallie Plagge, and Miranda Sanchez join the show to share their experiences from the Pokemon Go Field Test that ended this week.

Weekend Warrior – ‘Merica’s Birthday


Alright, alright alright, this weekend we have a lot of Inside to play, so we’ll be playing a lot of Inside. We’re also going to mow our lawns and blow off our fingers in celebration of the Fourth of July. Do you plan to play anything this long weekend? It’d be a lot cooler if you did.


Kyle (Big Smiles) Hilliard (@KyleMHilliard) – I would like to finish Quantum Break and spend some time with Box Box Boy, but I might just play Inside again. I think I might be working on a speed run, but haven’t admitted it to myself yet. Otherwise, I’ll be putting some meat on a grill and crossing my fingers in the hopes that no one notices I have no idea what I am doing. I’ll probably mow the lawn, too. There might be a The BFG viewing in there somewhere. These are all things that might happen. The future is uncertain, as I have learned from Quantum Break. It’s also covered in Monarch logos.


Brian (If I’m lyin’ Then I’m Dyin’) Shea (@BrianPShea) – I just finished Inside and am nearing the end of my Twilight Princess HD playthrough, so after I wrap that up, much of my weekend will be devoted to games like Overwatch, Clash Royale, Dishonored: Definitive Edition, and my new playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I also would like to get some time with Rhythm Heaven: Megamix and Kirby: Planet Robobot.


Haley (There’s A Lot Of Loons Where I’m From) MacLean (@haleyfaxer) – This long weekend I will be observing the American custom of drinking a bunch of beer and saluting the American flag, plus some fireworks. That’s the gist of it right? It’s lucky that Canada day was Friday so I’ll be feeling overly patriotic this weekend as well. Game wise, more Overwatch in prep for competitive mode on consoles. Oh, and I’m up to Slowbro on the Pokérap now so I’m getting there.


Dan (I write too much) Tack (@dantack) – This weekend, it’s time to break out the grill and Overwatch. I’ll be experimenting with several different builds, including a ramen burger loaded with fried jalapenos, brushed garlic butter, red wine reduction, coarse stone ground mustard, spicy guacamole, swiss aioli, fried egg, and a medley of minor hot sauces for a little kick, shooting for a crispy on the outside chewy on the inside ramen bun. I’ll also be attempting to refine what I deem the modern classic, with bacon ground into the patty, brisket on top, spicy pickles, brushed garlic butter, and a buttermilk bun.


I’m also working on a few brat templates that I’m really eager to get to over the course of the weekend, including some new flavors on the classic brat, working in some adobo chicken, barbacoa beef, and queso fresco with corn relish and southern slaw. A lot of folks think grill season is just a chance to hit up classic burgers, brats, and steaks, but I like to really get in there and mess around with some new recipes.


I think I’ll also go for something simple like mozzarella, avocado, and bacon while I try to perfect the brushed butter, a lot of people ignore that element of the burger but I actually think that’s something that separates a great burger from an epic burger, it makes a huge difference and definitely try it this weekend while you’re out on the grill. Oh, I’m also eager to try out some a new take on Jidori chicken that I want to mess around with, but I’ll have to save how that goes for later, since I don’t know how it’s going to turn out just yet.


I’ve really been loving messing around with simple southern recipes right now, like buttermilk chicken biscuits with jalapenos. Sometimes it’s the really simple recipes done right, like you have to get the biscuit to just melt, not break apart, the chicken has to be perfect, and the jalapeno an accent and not overpowering.


Oh yeah and other than that I’ll be playing Overwatch.


Jeff (I Love Slack Emojis) Marchiafava (@GIJeffM) – The G.I. office is in the midst of a nasty Inside Fever epidemic, and my test results show I’m not immune – I began Playdead’s latest adventure last night, and can’t wait to jump back in and see what comes next. However, it wouldn’t really be a July 4th weekend if I didn’t blow a bunch of crap up, so I think I’ll pick up Doom while it’s on sale. I’ve also got some leveling up to do in Overwatch before competitive play hits consoles next week.


Blake (Super Handsome, Loved By All) Hester (Hates Twitter, hates fun) – I’ll hopefully be finishing up my second journey with Gerry Rivers through The Witcher III’s Hearts Of Stone Expansion this long weekend. I also would like to jump into Inside, which I know literally nothing about. But, realistically, I’ll probably blow my fingers off in a fireworks accident, because I’m an idiot.


Javy (It’s All Gravy) Gwaltney (@HurdyIV) – I’m going to be kicking back, watching Preacher, playing Overwatch, and reading more of SAGA. Living the life, basically. 


AJ (I Can’t Believe He Ate All That Pasta) Moser (@AndMoser) – Not much gaming on the forecast for me this weekend. I’m headed to Michigan to celebrate the Fourth of July, so I’m going to play some more Final Fantasy VII on Vita during my journey. Other than that, my plans for the weekend involve beer. Lots of beer.


Ben (Fall Children) Hanson (@yozetty) – This weekend I’m going to swim a lot with my family and all of that fun stuff. Maybe some 3DS in the mix as well. Have a good weekend!


Leo (The Gator) Vader (@leovader)  I plan on running my Rocket League aerial drills meticulously throughout Saturday/Sunday. Also, a few days ago I recorded a verse on a hip-hop rap song that’s going to drop this weekend, so I anticipate becoming very famous.


Jeff (Sweet As Apple Pie) Cork (@gijeff)  All right, I need to actually sit down and finish Inside. I’ve had a great time with what I’ve seen so far, and I figure I only have a few hours of exploring left. After that, I’m going to probably burn through most of a day installing a bunch of Skyrim mods. Yes, I know a prettier version is coming this fall. Even so, the community has done an incredible amount of work making the game beautiful (and stable), and I want to give it a shot now that I finally got around to building a decent gaming rig. And, as always, I’ll probably kill a few hours in Diablo III because I am a crazy person who simply cannot stop.


Mike (Newshound) Futter (@Futterish)  I’m knee-deep and blood and guts in Dead by Deadlight. It’s a surprisingly effective blend of the 4v1 style of multiplayer and horror. This weekend is largely going to be devoted to portable gaming, though. Final Fantasy Explorers, Hyrule Warriors Legends, Severed, and Axiom Verge are all fair game.


Let us know down below what games you’ll be playing!


Hasbro Announces Two New Star Wars Figures Exclusive To Conventions


Hasbro revealed today new Kylo Ren and Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure packs. They are exclusive to Star Wars Celebration and San Diego Comic Con, respectively.


The six-inch Kylo Ren is $34.99 and comes with a stand, banner, and Darth Vader’s mask. It can be bought at the Forbidden


Planet booth #S1003. Star Wars Celebration is in London from July 15 to July 17.



The six-inch Obi-Wan figure runs $44.99 and includes two lightsabers, a light-up table, and a Princess


Leia hologram. The figure is available at San Diego Comic Con (July 21 and July 24). A limited amount are available afterwards at Hasbro’s Shop website. The figure is also available at the Fan


Expo Canada (September 1 and September 4). Check out the figures below.



Speaking of Star Wars and toys, make sure to read our review of the recent Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens.